CRM 2011 – SDK helps CRM intergrate with Office 365

I’m sure many Microsoft dynamic gold/silver partners will over the next few years migrate over to Office 365 and Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

One reason for this is you get free licences, another reason is Microsoft usually insist it’s gold partners use the latest versions of Microsofts offering.

The reality is having free servers for sharepoint, office, CRM is pretty useful, so both sides seem to benefit.


So it was with interest I noticed that the latest update of the CRM 2011 SDK – CRM 2011 SDK version 5.0.8 had a whole section on Office 365.

I was curious how Office 365 was going to work with companies active directory setup but I got a better idea after reading the Single Sign on roadmap.  Basically it seem a case of getting Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 up and running and this syncs your active directory and Office 365.

There is quite a lot of documentation in this release

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Integration with Office 365
Provides an overview of accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the cloud as part of Microsoft Office 365.
Authenticate Office 365 Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Web Services
Provides information about how applications can connect to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online web services hosted in the cloud.
Sychronized Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365
Provides information about how to write applications that provision system user accounts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Sample: Authenticate Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services
Provides sample code that demonstrates how to authenticate Microsoft Office 365 users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and make web services calls.
I was reading it just to be nosey really.  I think it will be a while before I need to write any code using Office 365 but it shows that Microsoft are going to push this big time and are aiming to integrate Office 365 with CRM online.

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