CRM 2011 – Activity Feed Article List

If like me you have installed the latest rollup for CRM 2011, installed the activity feeds solution, briefly had a look at activity feeds but then decided you haven’t got time to set it up.

Luckily a lot of the CRM community have been getting to grips with activity feeds and a lot of excellent CRM bloggers have written some good blogs about activity feeds and how to get started with them.

I am this week going to set up activity feeds so I thought I would collate some of the better articles on activity feeds.

Introduction to activity feeds by Richard Knudson

Activity feed rules

Activity feeds

How to do mentions in activity feeds

Sample code for activity feeds

working with the SDK and activity feeds

How to create a post with mentions using a workflow

following and unfollowing records in CRM

How to add a record to the wall


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