CRM – Blending in an iFrame

I had to write a web application to select an excel file and use it to upload products to an order.

I decided to do this using a aspx page and the trusty file loader, so this would mean I would use an iFrame to show the button.  Well I had two choices I think, I could have had an iFrame popup in a seperate window or have an iFrame embedded in the order form.

I decided to go to user the order form but I wanted to blend in my iFrame so it didn’t look completely different.  I saved the global.css file used by CRM Dynamics (you can do this by opening CRM and pressing F12, you can download the css file from here) so I could use the correct colours.  The one problem I had was I could’t find the very light blue.

In the end I had to use a program called Instant Eye Dropper which basically finds the colour of anything it hovers over.

The pesky colour was


The result doesn’t look too bad, it does look a little bit different but overall it’s a pretty good effort.  The iFrame is the line browse and Load products line

The example was done in CRM 4 but it should be the same for CRM 2011


2 thoughts on “CRM – Blending in an iFrame

  1. mscrmtools November 22, 2011 / 4:10 pm

    Hey, using dev tools (F12), you can use the color picker (look into the Tools menu)


    • Hosk November 22, 2011 / 4:16 pm

      wow, I never saw the menu bar at the top of the Dev tools (F12).


      What a donut I have been. There you go every day is a school day


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