CRM 4 – Remote debugging not working – things to check

I recently had a problem trying to set up remote debugging and it was very frustrating.  I thought I would document my findings here in hope it might help someone who is trying to setup remote debugging (or might in the future).

I won’t go through setting up remote debugging in this blog post but if you want more information on that I have written a couple of blog posts before which will help you

an example of setting up remote debugging

general help and videos on setting up remote debugging

I had downloaded the Remote debugger and set it up.

When I tried to connect to the remote debugger from my machine, it wouldn’t let me access it.  I found it would only let me access the remote debugger if I went to options and chose no authentication.

looking back this was really trying to get round the underlying problem rather than fix it.

I also found I had problem access a new web site I added to the server.

When I tried remote debugging like this, I wasn’t get any response to my machine and everything seemed to freeze until it basically timed out.

I did a couple of things to sort this out.

The most import action was to add my user to the administrator group on the machine.  After I did this I could then connect to the remote debugger as my user

I also changed a setting on my firewall settings to inform me when applications were being blocked.  I couldn’t find any settings which might be blocking.  Although I’m not sure if it was the change above which fixed this issue because then Visual Studio told me remote debugging was being blocked and I could choose to allow it.

Make sure you runt he remote debugger as an Administrator.


I also learnt thanks sosoto reply to one of my previous blog posts you can debug plugins registered in the database all you have to do is copy the pdb file to CRM folder –  \Server\bin\assembly folder

here is his full comment

You cannot remote debug if you don’t deploy to disk

i disagree. It is possible to debug a database deployed plug-in. The compiled plug-in assembly’s .pdb file must be copied to the server’s \Server\bin\assembly folder and IIS must then be restarted. After debugging has been completed, you must remove the .pdb file and reset IIS to prevent the w3wp.exe process from consuming additional memory.

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