CRM 2011 Solution – Shrpr Web Resource Editor

The file editor when editing Web Resources is as basic as they come in CRM 2011 (and all the previous versions).  It would be such a nice gesture for Microsoft to create an editor with a few basic features like syntax checking and formatting.

Microsoft have yet to do anything in this area so one someone got bored of waiting and has started the process by creating the Shrpr Web Resource Editor.   You can read more about the editor in this blog post and you can download the solution (a CRM solution which you can import) here  Downloads 

It has features like

Syntax highlighting

Line numbering

matching braces

simple code completion


When I imported the solution I couldn’t figure out where the editor was or if it did anything, this was because I went into a form and tried editing some Javascript.  Unfortunately there isn’t any documentation yet so you have to figure it out yourself.  After reading the title again, I went to Web Resource and then clicked on some javascript, you then see there isa new button on the top right to open the web resource with the editor.   Below is a screenshot


I think this is a really good start because syntax highlighting is very useful and the matching braces is fantastic.  Hopefully if people start using it and giving some feed back he will continue to work on the product.

So thanks Roman Gebesmair and keep up the good work


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