Tips on generating random Data for CRM

I wanted to once and for all create some random data for a demo CRM organisation.  If you are like me then this is something you have been meaning to do for quite some time, if you are not like me you probably have already done this.  I would also like to mention that people shouldn’t use any of the random generated data for anything illegal.

I had been looking online for ages and found various tools and web page but they often only generated one at a time.

For company names




The link below creates one at a time but you can see the last 10 recently generated names

This one creates a random word but then puts its on the left hand side and you can keep adding until you have a list



This site creates pretty good and realistic sounding company names

Another good company name generator

To generate people and address data I found this site which is excellent, I shudder to think what most people use this site for?!

This is fantastic because it allows you to generate as many as you want and in the format you one e.g. csv, excel, sql etc.

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