CRM 2011 works with Sharepoint online

This blog from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 team has released some good news, Microsoft have or soon will have finally fixed the problems between Sharepoint and CRM 2011.

The problem was sharepoint online didn’t work with CRM 2011, the rough reason was Sharepoint online didn’t let you run a script which was need to allow the Sharepoint list component to be embedded in CRM 2011.

but after reading this blog post it seems this is now fixed.

You will need to download the  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator must install it.  Although I’m not entirely sure this is correct because you have to do this on Sharepoint administrator to apply the script, so if you are a CRM admin you probably won’t have enough privileges.

There are detailed instructions are here on how to install the correct files to get Sharepoint Online working with CRM 2011 online.

This is great news for Microsoft and all the users who have CRM 2011 and SharePoint online, which is propbably most people who have signed up for Office 365.

Well done Microsoft, better late than never.


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