Warning – Certified and Gold Certified partners, your Microsoft partner logo and software usage rights ends today – October 31, 2011

I read this blog post today which was on the Microsoft Partner email (yes I do actually read them!!) and I saw today is the last day you can use the Microsoft Gold Partner logo

Microsoft says this

  • Continue to use Gold Certified and Certified logos in their marketing materials until October 31, 2011 and to refer to their Gold Certified or Certified status in communications and documents, such as bidding documents for tenders, until their membership renewal date.
  • Continue to use their current Gold Certified and Certified partner software benefits until October 31, 2011, regardless of which new membership opportunity they chose at their next renewal date

So what does this all actually mean, I’m copy the useful parts from the blog post

What this means is, as of November 1, 2011:

  • Use of the “Gold Certified Partner” or “Certified Partner” logos should cease entirely, including your marketing materials (websites, newsletters, advertisements, etc.) or in your communications and documents, such as bidding documents.
  • If you are a former Gold Certified or Certified partner and you have not achieved a gold or silver competency by October 31, 2011, you must uninstall any software licenses that have been provided to your organization based on achieving the Gold Certified or Certified partner level. The only licenses you will be eligible to use are those that you have earned based on your current membership in the Microsoft Partner Network. Check out the License Calculator tool to see what Internal Use Rights you receive with the various competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network.

As of November 1, 2011, the branding that you must use is the Microsoft Partner Network branding that includes the Microsoft Partner logo with the associated silver and/or gold competencies that your company has achieved to date, as the former branding is officially retired:


if you want to create a new logo you can use their online logo maker, which you can find here. If you are puzzled by what this all means then I suggest going to the Frequently asked Questions and you might find some answers. You will need to be a member of partner source but if this blog started you panicing or you are bothered about the content then I guess you already are.

I hope that helps a few people

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