CRM 2011 book – Introduction to CRM: Sales and Marketing

An interesting book publishing by Accolade publishing about CRM, it’s called Introduction to CRM: Sales and Marketing, you can read more about the book here

This is certainly an area where customers could do with something to give them a headstart on the topic.  Often customers know they want to improve in the area of Sales and Marketing, which is one of the reasons they purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 but then they are not sure how to use the functionality in CRM 2011 to help them.


This is what the website says about the book

Need to know how to best use the MS CRM Sales Management Module?  This book walks the user through that module and teaches new users how to best use this superior Customer Relationship Management tool.

This book covers the Sales Management module of CRM. It helps a user:

  • Reduce the number of clicks to perform specific tasks.
  • Create, Edit and Merge records in the application.
  • Locate contact data using Advanced Find.
  • Create Templates.
  • Create Reports.
  • And more!

This book gives the user a detailed picture of the strengths that MS CRM can bring to an orginazation.  It reveals time-saving shortcuts for utilizing this powerful and flexible product while also giving a better understanding of deploying the product for long-term strategic success.



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