81 comments for trouble using | (pipe) with the String.split method

It’s good in life when you do something that helps out lots of people, some people donate money to charity, some create the iPod, others buy you a beer when you a feeling down.

my contribution to society is to help at least 81 Java programmers who have been tormented by minutes to hours of code not working when they were trying to use a | (pipe) with the String.split method.

I once came up agaisn’t this problem and as I had recently passed my Java certification I had an inkling as to why this pipe was causing me some problems.  I won’t go into the answer but it’s due to regular expressions and pipes doing something funky.

if you want to read the answer please read it here

trouble using | (pipe) with the String.split method

The reason it came up today because like all blog owners you have to put protection on otherwise people will spam your comments (really, does it work!!) and I still get people thanking me for finding the solution, even now 5 years later.

so there we go one of my contributions to society.


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