CRM 2011 – Tool – Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

I do love a good CRM 2011 tool, they can sometimes really make your life a lot easier.  The master of CRM 2011 tools is the great Tanguy and his fantastic blog Dynamic CRM Tools, if you visit his blog  I can guarantee you won’t leave without downloading one of his tools.

He is an MVP and rightly so.

He has been busy and has created a new tool, a Role updater for CRM 2011.  This is a great tool, it makes it easier for CRM 2011 administrators and developers to add or remove privileges to multiple security roles in one operation. You’ll no longer have to open each security role and apply privileges one by one.


Although setting security in CRM 2011 is easy to use it can be slow going especially if you have to add privileges for a new custom entity to lots of security roles.  This tool can  help make it quick to administer the security roles.

Here are some links to all of Tanguys tools


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