CRM 2011 – Outlook Synchronizing exception of type ‘Sytstem.OutOfMemoryException’

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I got an error today when synchronizing my outlook and going offline for the first time.

It’s always a bit scary going offline and it’s a terrible call to get if you have a customer who is having trouble with going offline.

I got this error when it was trying to bring down the customizations.  What made this quite scary was I have recently upgraded the organisation from CRM 4 to CRM 2011.

There were customizations in the organisation which the company isn’t really using but have now been upgraded.

After googling the problem I found this forum post, you know it’s not a good problem when the only answers you find are on forums.

The answers on this forum didn’t really make me feel particularly happy because they all seemed to involve running database scripts directly on the database tables, which is something no CRM developer likes to do because you are then on your own and Microsoft will disown you and your hacked CRM database.

The problem seemed to be centered around stuck workflows causing the problem.  I have dealt with this tricky chaps before.

I’m not saying my answer is the best but I went to SETTINGS/SYSTEMS JOBS and choose the View – Suspended System Jobs

This showed me a list of 30 workflows which had failed and then been set to try again in the year 9999.  I have no idea what the purpose of setting a date that will never happen!!!

All I did was cancel the workflows (yes slightly naughty I know but the workflow wasn’t that important in this case) and then synchronised again and this time it worked.

I’m not convinced this was completely the right thing to do but it fixed the problem and then I fixed the problem with workflow and should hopefully not have any more problems.


CRM 2011 – How to add Find columns to an entity search

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This is something I often forget where and how to configure this.  I know it’s somewhere in the Views but always forget which view for the entity I need to change If you don’t know what I’m taking about a Find column is the a column you can search for when you are searching an entity.

So if you are searching contacts by default their find fields are E-mail First Name Full Name Last Name Middle Name Now I had a user who wanted to add some fields to this.  To do this you need to go customize the view View: Quick Find Active Contacts When you open the view and then you will see a button called Add Find Columns

Add the column you want to search on,  save and publish and now you can search on the new field.

If you want a step by step guide then you click the link below