CRM 2011 – ePDF – how to quickly email pdf reports in CRM 2011

I got an email from someone at MyCrm Group asking me to have a look at their product ePDF.

The good news is you can get a free trail of the product on their website here

if you want a general overview of the product then watch the video below

The product offers the functionality to enable users to easily attach a report to an email.

I have had a quick go with it and it works easily, once you have gone through the tricky installing procedure.  It install a solution and then you pass a code into the solution which downloads another solution!!!

I’m sure it’s all in the name of security and it’s not as difficult as it sounds to install.

The code seems to be done using Silverlight and it adds a button onto the entities which you can create pdf reports for.

The theory is quite clever, it runs the reports, saves the value to the notes field I think and then attaches this to an email.

If you wanted you could run a report and save it to PDF and then attach it to an email.  According to the documentation this would take 13 steps but using their solution it takes 3.



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