Problems with Citrix Receiver and Remote Desktop

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I was doing an installation of CRM 2011 today and I had to connect to a citrix network (is network the right word?)

So I downloaded the new Citrix Receiver Entreprise edition, yes a brand new version just to add to the potential pitfalls.

I haven’t used a citrix connector but the receiver seems to be their version of a VPN connection.

Once I had l put in my details and logged on, suddenly citrix installed a bunch of applications on my machine

Not ideal really as I’m not sure I want the 2007 office suite clogging up my programs.

Interestingly it creates its own remote desktop and this was where the fun began.

When I clicked the remote desktop, it instantly tried to load up a remote desktop to a server but I had no idea which server because I didn’t get the chance to choose.  Then to make matters worse it wouldn’t let me connect to the mystery server anyway.

A lot of head scratching ensued, I tried adding domain \ to the login, nope, I tried reinstalling Citrix receiver and still nothing was working.

Finally I went back to the Receiver login and added the domain into that login and then hey presto it was all working

So there you go if you are having problems with Citrix and remote desktops make sure you have added the domain to your initial Citrix connection.


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