CRM 2011 Version/Build numbers

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it’s often useful to know what version an organisation is on and unfortunately when you look at the version/build[tweetmeme source=”BenHosk” only_single=false] numbers they all look so similar you then have to Google the numbers.

For some reason it’s at this point I always find it difficult to find a list of the versions and build numbers to clarify what build they are on.

It’s also useful to know the number of the version so you can make sure the CRM 2011 is upgraded to the correct version

Version Build Number Release Date KB Articles:
RC 5.0.9688.53
RTM 5.0.9688.583


Update Rollup 1 5.0.9688.1045



Update Rollup 2 05.00.9688.1155



Update Rollup 3 05.00.9688.1244




CRM 2011 – Successful CRM Installations start with Prerequisites

I have done a few CRM 2011 installations and although the first part of the installation actually starts with making sure the servers are 64 bit and have enough power, the next stage is begging the IT person to give you domain administration privileges so CRM can create some active directory groups.

You have another small leap which is to log onto the clients servers and spend a few times trying to type in the tricky passwords.

You are now ready to set-up the prerequisites of SQL server 2008 installation (probably configuring reports server as well) and adding the pre requisites for the CRM server and making sure IIS is turned on and various other bits and bobs.

One big tip here is to make sure the SQL Server 2008 installation media is either in the DVD drive or available on the server otherwise you won’t be able to configure the SQL Server 2008 installation.

These is a critical part of the install, things not turned on and installed now can cause you hours of head scratching.

Luckily someone absolute hero

George Doubinski

has created a fantastic picturetastic prerequisite installation guide.  The whole installation guide is fantastic and you can find it here.

NAV/CRM Connector useful links and source of information

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I have over the past couple of weeks found some good resources of information for the connector and finding useful information is difficult because there isn’t much of it and a lot of the blogs/sites you will visit will be the same information and all they will tell you is what the connector does and the default entities which are mapped.

Hopefully more people can start blogging about the connector and creating more quality material for it to ease the frustrations you will find when using it.  One of the problems is what to call the connector, it seems to be references by loads of different names.

So rather than just complaining about it I am going to do my bit my sharing some of the useful links and hopefully write some blogs on the subject.

Microsoft Community documents – Integrating Microsoft Dynamics  NAV with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The official dynamic connector blog

A good blog post

the official installation guide download

Excellent blog with many posts and a good installation guide

If anyone has any other good links then please add them to the comments