Dynamic NAV/CRM Connector frustrations

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I have been working with the connector for the last couple of weeks, I am flabbergasted by the total lack of information about it.

Microsoft haven’t even created a sample CRM link.  The only example you have is a GP sample.

What’s more frustrating is the complete lack of documentation and examples.  They cover the out of the box sample ok but then anything after that is left to the user to stumble around blindly.

Then you start to Google for help and soon find that hardly anyone has seemingly used the software before apart from 2 people.  You will also find the official NAV connector blog which basically has marketing material on it.

It seems like a shame because if Microsoft put some effort it and created some better documentation and samples then people could get it working and that would increase the chance of partners selling NAV and CRM.

Most developers I have asked about it have said don’t touch it with a barge pole or use Scribe.  I find this disappointing because to resolve these problems Microsoft just need to divert a small amount of resources to help people get started with the connector.  I have also found I am dealing with bewildered customers who can’t believe there isn’t a way for two Microsoft products to integrate easily.

Perhaps this will improve in the future but I don’t think it will be any time soon


One thought on “Dynamic NAV/CRM Connector frustrations

  1. Konstantin August 24, 2011 / 2:33 pm

    Hi, I absolutely agree with your thought about lack of information and just want to share my blog about CRM/NAV Connector ( http://www.nav-connector.com ) which I recently started. I’m doing implementations for NAV/CRM Integration since this spring and have some solutions for real issues. I’ll try to update my blog regulary and hope it will be useful for other people.


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