CRM 2011 Administrator’s Guide

I saw this link on the TAO of CRM’s blog which is a great source for CRM information and articles.

he pointed me towards the fact there is a CRM 2011 Administrator’s guide which you can download here

it’s an administrators guide to CRM 2011 and it goes through lots of admin tasks you might need to go through , like adding/changing business units, setting up connections etc.  Here is the contents page

Administrators Guide – Setting Up Your Organization 1

Create or change the settings for a business unit 1

Create a new business unit 2

Set auto-number formats 2

Set system-wide settings 3

Set fiscal year settings 4

Work with connections 5

Work with connections and connection roles 6

Set preferences for product updates 6

Create or edit a site 6

Set system-wide privacy preferences 7

Determining E-mail Access for Your Organization 7

Controlling Data Access 8

Business Units 8

Security Roles 8

Overriding Security Roles 8

Securing Custom Fields 8

Work with Security Roles 9

Work with Business Units 11

Create or change the settings for a business unit 11

Assign a different parent business unit 12

Change the business unit for a record 12

Enable or disable a business unit 13

Work with Teams 14

Create or edit a team 14

Add or remove team members 15

Managing Users 16

Add or remove users for a territory 16

Manage a User’s Record 16

Work with Your User Record and Work Hours 17

Work with Announcements 18

View announcements 18

Work with Integrated Instant Messenging 20

Send or Copy a Shortcut 21

Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router 23

Work with E-mail Templates 24

E-mail Permissions 24

Permissions required for e-mail-related tasks 24

View Your User Profile 25

Using Connect to Define How Records Relate 26

Work with connections 26

Work with connections and connection roles 27

Using Connect to Define How Records Relate 27

Managing Relationship Roles 28

Using Relationship Roles 28

Types of Relationships 28

Managing Relationship Roles 29

Work with Relationship Roles 29

Relationship Roles Dialog Box 29

Customer Relationship Form 31

Opportunity Relationship Dialog Box 32

Changing Regional and Language Options for Your Organization 33