CRM 2011 – What are Discount lists and how do they work

I found myself looking at Discounts lists this week.  I have to admit I have never looked at discount lists before so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how they work.

It’s easy to get a bit muddled when dealing with Products, products lists, discount lists and where they all fit in the product catalog settings.

But then I found this brilliant explanation which I found in the Resource Center which is lurking on the bottom left menu of your CRM 2011 online.  CRM 2011 doesn’t have a user manual (which is very surprising) but on the Resource centre it has lots of fantastic explanations with easy to understand flow diagrams


The above diagram shows you where discount lists fit into the product catalog process.

Discount lists fit in at the start of the process because they are a system of offering discounts based on number of items ordered.  So you could say I will give a 5 percent discount for orders over 1000 items.  You set a lower and upper limit to the discount, so you could say the discount begins with orders over 1000 and continues with orders up to 9999.  This means you can then add another discount for orders of 10000 and more.

There are some instructions here on how to create discount lists and magnetism also have a good article on discount lists.

The one thing it took me a little while to work out was discount lists are created without being linked to anything and then you can apply them to products on a price list, you cannot apply discount lists to products by themselves.

They are basically a tool to incentivise clients to purchase larger orders and getting a better price if they do.

There are always sections and functionality of CRM 2011 I haven’t used before and luckily there are always people who have written about them.






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