CRM 2011 – Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available

Well I only just applied rollup 2 for CRM 2011 and now a new release is here.  I should check to see if my windows update feature for CRM 2011 is working.  Although does it work straight away or does it wait a couple of weeks by default just in case there is a howler in the rollup.  I think I may have made that bit up but I will have a look on the server tomorrow.

I certainly like the idea of windows style update because it takes a while to download all the separate parts to a rollup pack

you can get the new rollup here

below are some of the more interesting fixes, to read the full list go here

  • You import a solution that contains a plug-in that has empty methods. You publish the customizations. When the plug-in is triggered in this situation, you receive the following error message:
    Unexpected Error
    An error has occurred.


  • The search results for system views in the Dynamics CRM 2011 client for Outlook are not compliant with the search results in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web client.
  • Assume that you enable the http compression setting on the Dynamics CRM server. In this situation, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook client does not receive responses for SDK calls as compressed. This problem occurs because the Outlook client does not send an “EnableDecrompression” http header with the request.
  • The Dynamics CRM 2011 client for Outlook initiates background send requests to the CRM server. This behavior can cause high server load and decreased performance because these requests are not throttled. This fix throttles these background send requests.
  • If an organization starts many asynchronous operations, the Asynchronous Service allocates many resources to process those requests from the organization. In this situation, other organizations will have an increasing backlog of asynchronous operations. This fix introduces a new deployment setting, called AsyncSelectMaxItems, in the DeploymentProperties table. This setting limits the number of items that can be processed by a single organization at one time. By default, the value is not set. It can be set manually if you experience this issue.
  • Metadata cache access for one organization is blocked if another organization is loading metadata.
    • When you add a URL that contains a query string parameter to a sitemap area or to a subarea in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the URL is rendered incorrectly.
    • Some Swedish language translations are incorrect.
    • Assume that you have a contact who has the Business Phone filed populated. When you add a new phone call activity by using the ribbon from the Activities area, the Phone Number field is not populated in the phone call activity.

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