Make sure you train people in CRM to get the most out of it

There have been a few interesting blog posts on Mike Ames recently and today he has posted another interesting post about why CRM implementations fail.

I particularly like point 1 show below

1.  You train people how to use the system but not how to make use of the system.  They understand how to add and access data but cannot easily graft this onto their real-life business development activities.  In short they have a system but lack any credible BD processes to use it with so they can’t see the point of keeping it up to date and so they stop using it.


Training the users on a new system is a vital part of delivering a new CRM solution, especially when you are delivering a system which to get the biggest benefits from it will need the users to pro actively use the CRM system.  Not only does it mean you have to train the users to use CRM from a technical point of view but you also have to get them to understand not only what they are doing but why they are doing it.

If they focus on what goal they are trying to achieve then they can then start to think our they could do it more efficiently using the new CRM system.  This is also true with CRM upgrades, often you can see people not using the new functionality because they are doing what they did using the last system.  Forgetting they did it that way because perhaps the old system had a limitation which meant that was the best way but when you get a new system or upgrade then there might be an opportunity to achieve you goals quicker and easier.

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