The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

I was trying to install an msi file today on a windows server 2008 and it kept throwing up the error message

the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

now this was very frustrating, particularly because I was an Administrator on the server (in the Administrator group).

Now this is what I call a windows 7 type problem, where you have to run things “as administrator”.  The problem I had in this case was when I right clicked on the msi file it wasn’t giving me this option because windows was being clever and asking me if I want to install, repair or uninstall.

I finally got around this problem by opening up a command prompt by right clicking and using administrator privildges (even though I’m in the Administrator group!!!) and then ran the msi file (just call it) and then it ran as an Administrator and worked.

This has been a very long frustrating day.  After applying the rollup pack 2 to my CRM install, it asked me to restart the machine. I did this only to find there were 90, YES 90! Windows updates to apply.  It took about 3 hours.

Then I was trying to find a licence for the NAV/CRM connector which is only available in SHOUT.  If I may use a bad pun, I had never heard of SHOUT or I never heard the SHOUT, HO HO.  After raising this question I found out that SHOUT is part of Microsoft Partner Source but only for NAV partners.  To add to my frustrations I wasn’t yet added to the company so I had plead with someone else to log me into partner source.  The fun doesn’t stop there, once you are in SHOUT it’s a crazy world almost impossible to navigate your way around

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