PASSED – 70515 – .NET Framework 4, Web Applications certification

Yes I have finally done it.

After studying (on and off) for 6 months I finally passed the .NET Framework 4, Web Applications certification.  It was a major undertaking to pass this exam and it involved reading the excellent but very very long book

MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-515): Web Applications Developement with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 book

which was around 900 pages of reading and doing all the examples.  I also watched numerous video nuggets and learn videos.

Then I did lots and lots of practise exams but it was finally all worth it.

I passed a Java 5 certication a number of years ago and I would say this was a similar in the amount of effort.

I think the certification is very pretty useful for people who would want to develop web applications or learn more about how they work, it covers lots of things you will find useful like PAGE lifecycles, debugging, data linking, web controls, master pages, MVC 2 and lots of other things.

If you are a CRM developer this will probably go into more detail than you will find useful (unless you are going to be linking websites with CRM).  It did have a few new features used in CRM 2011, like LINQ etc so I am glad I have done it.

I got 850 out of a 1000 and took the test at 8.30 am.

I’m glad I have finally got it out of the way because it was starting to loom over me a bit.

The good news is I can start to have a look at the Sure Step certification which is a lot smaller exam and will include something I can use in my CRM work.