CRM 2011 – Debug page in CRM

I read this interesting article today about a debug page installed in CRM 4 and CRM 2011.  The blog post was on the microsoft CRM site, which you can read here.

Below is the crux of the article, it’s useful to find out what version you are using, where it’s installed etc.


Each CRM installation has an out-of-the box ASPX page that contains basic information regarding your CRM (verified for CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011) installation.

If you refer to the following URL:
http://ServerName:Port/OrgName/home/home_debug.aspx     (replace ServerName, Port and OrgName to reflect your installation)

You will receive information regarding DataSource, Component Version Numbers, OrganizationID, etc.




CRM 2011 – Go Live Checklist

I found this excellent resource whilst reading the TAO of CRM blog, which is a really good CRM resource by the way

He pointed me towards a link for the CRM 2011 go live check list

Dynamics CRM Online – Customer Go-Live CheckList

It’s a pdf checklist form.  it’s written with an eye on the individual internet explorer/outlook settings and also has some great links for resources to help them resolve any problems.

It’s a useful document and certainly wouldn’t hurt you to check this before you went live.