Is there a lack of Dynamics Consultants

I read this article today on the revamped dynamics world website, which is a lot greener but some of the pictures don’t seem to load is my first thoughts.

They had an article with the title of Lack of dynamic consultants

There has been a lack of Dynamics Consultants and Developers for some time. Microsoft in the UK has attempted to make small steps to combat the issue with little success.

Today, basic development isn’t the issue. Huge teams outside of the EU can complete implementations quicker and cheaper than UK and other Northern European based companies. This is largely due to excellent, cost effective training programmes, which are often run by large resellers. The aim of these facilities is to train new staff, often just managing to break even, not to make a profit. Something I thing the European market could learn from.

Consequently, face to face Consultants are in high demand across Europe and the US, which inevitably drives up rates. Partners spend millions of pounds on implementations and upgrades and need the work completed properly. They are feeling squeezed between lack of affordable resources and the need to have the work completed to the standards they require. A complaint that has been put to Microsoft.


The article isn’t really focused on the number of CRM consultants in a company basis but more a global problem.  I was thinking about the number of CRM consultants and if Microsoft’s sales figures are to be believed (and I have no reason to think otherwise) then there has been a great deal more CRM work done over the last year and there will be in the future as well.

You should also take into account the CRM cloud offerings might not need much consultancy or development work because I guess a lot of these will be standard deployments without much customization.

Looking towards the future I think there will be more Microsoft CRM work in the future as Microsoft gains more market share from it’s rivals, I also think the customers which took the standard CRM offerings in the cloud will start to push CRM more and once they are used to CRM they will start to extend it.

I suppose in the short term this will push up prices for CRM work whilst the industry increases the number of CRM specialists

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