CRM 2011 – CRM online diagnostic tool

I saw this article today  talking about an inbuilt CRM 2011 online Latency tool, you can read the original link here

it basically does a diagnostic to check things are working and in a timely fashion.

CRM 2011 Online latency tool

If you are running CRM 2011 Online we might ask you to provide us some additional information regarding our environment. This tool improves our capabilities for gathering data. It is located at the same relative path off of every organization:

OrgURL = The URL that is used to sign into your CRM 2011 Online organization


The tool collects the following data (it has no impact on the client machine):
It runs a couple tests, measuring latency to the datacenter, bandwidth, and performs a few Java script performance tests to measure the CPU/browser performance of the machine.
Steps that need to be performed

  1. Launch the tool (via https://OrgURL/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx) as a user in an Admin role in Dynamics CRM.
  2. Click the Run button for All Tests.
  3. When the tests are complete, click E-Mail Results.
  4. Use the button Copy to Clipboard on the page to paste the results into the E-Mail message that is displayed.
  5. Before you “click send” we strongly recommend that you modify the recipient email address. The information / data makes most sense if it is collected / analyzed in combination with an open support ticket. Therefore we strongly recommend to enter the email address of the support engineer you are working with.

Tool screenshot below



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