CRM 2011 – Online demonstration kit released

Microsoft have released an online demonstration kit today.  This is a great idea because it will enable people selling CRM to show off lots of aspects of the new features in CRM 2011.

I know that really we should ourselves create something like this but I did think Microsoft could do with creating some examples and scenarios to really show off the new functionality and that’s what they have done.

I have imported the default import but it doesn’t have many accounts and the examples are quite sparse in many ways.


The interesting part is they have done this using a solution, which makes it a very neat and tidy example in my opinion.  To find out more about the online demo you can go to this page Below is the main contents but it is worth going to the page below because it gives you the solution file and detailed instructions on how to install it.

Included in this Kit is more comprehensive data, Dashboards, Workflows and Dialogs illustrating core CRM capabilities in expanded scenarios.  Read on below to find detailed instructions on how to download and setup these assets.

What’s covered in this kit:

  • Extensive Sample Data
  • 13 Dashboards
  • 17 Workflows
  • 2 Dialogs
  • 1 Web Resource (phone number auto-formatting jscript)
  • 1 Option Set (Timeframe drop-down list to use across entities)
  • 2 E-mail Templates

CRM Online Scenarios


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