CRM 2011 – Microsoft will pay you $200 per user to move to CRM 2011 Online!

When I read the cloud for less offer and the title of this page

Get $200 cash per license of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

I always think I can’t have understood this properly, Microsoft are going to pay people to move to CRM, it seems to good to be true but Microsoft spells it out on their page.

Until June 30, 2011, Microsoft will send qualified organizations $200 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Subscription license. Buy 30 seats, get $6,000. Buy 100 seats, get $20,000.3


It is at this point you expect the offer to be unreachable for most companies or the criteria to be eligable to filter out most companies but it isn’t.

Who can qualify?

  • Organizations that subscribe at least 15 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licenses.
  • Organizations that sign a two year licensing subscription for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Organizations that currently license a CRM product as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


It’s a bit of a new mobile phone offer, you get a snazzy new phone but you have to sign up to use it for 2 years but CRM online is currently being offered very cheaply by Microsoft at 34$ per user per month and you don’t need to invest in a big infrastructure/software outlay.


In addition to this great offer, all organizations can also license Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for only $34/user/month! Together, these offers represent a great opportunity to get started with one of the best CRM solutions in the industry. Fill out the form to the right to get started!


The bad news is it ends on the 30th June so if anyone wants to do this they better get their skates on.  I think it’s offers and promotions like this which is one of the reasons Microsoft are or will be the leading CRM distributor and they are gobbling up market share like no one’s business.

Which is good news for people who work in the CRM industry





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