CRM 2011 – Understanding Solutions in CRM 2011

Solutions is one of the biggest development changes in CRM 2011 and it will take a little bit of time for people switching from CRM 4 to CRM 2011 some time to get their heads around it.

When you do you will find it is a massive improvement not only in terms of keeping only the changes you have made in a seperate solution but most importantly it’s a huge improvement in deploying CRM 2011.

For developers the way to understand solutions is basically to think of them like projects in Visual Studio.  You could almost think of each entity or section (processes, javascript etc) as a separate project adding into a visual studio Solution.

The good news is they are easy to learn and you will soon have mastered solutions and then you will wonder how you ever managed in CRM 4.  The biggest benefit I have found is its easy to keep track of your changes, particularly with javascript with the added bonus of you know being able to use the same Javascript with multiple entities.

Richard Knudson who is one of the leading CRM bloggers has written an introduction to Solutions and like most of his articles it’s is excellently written. You can read it here

Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions, Part 1

if you prefer to learn by watching videos then the channel 9 series is probably the best ones I watched on the subject and they are by David Yack so you are in very good hands

Solutions – Introduction

Solutions – Introduction

Solutions – Managed & UnManaged

Solutions – Managed & UnManaged

Solutions – Publishing

Solutions – Publishing




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