CRM 2011 – A Recruiters perspective of the CRM Dynamics Market

I saw a group discussion in linkedin and there was an interesting discussion with the title – A RECRUITERS PERSPECTIVE INTO THE DYNAMICS MARKET

Why he had to put the title all in capitals eludes me but then I also wonder if sending random jobs to every email address they have actually yields any positive results, I hope it doesn’t (then maybe it might stop) but someone must reply or they would probably stop.

From a recruitment perspective the last 6 months have been very exciting in the Dynamics market place, especially within the CRM & AX areas with record new hires in both these areas, and a massive increase in requirements for end users and consultancies alike. Needless to say it has been a very busy year to date.  I will highlight a couple of the interesting paragraphs from his discussion

The latest release of CRM turned a lot of heads with a whole host of Borough Councils & current users pressing forward with CRM 2011 implementations and candidates actively putting themselves in the market to gain hands on 2011 experience. A number of Microsoft Dynamics consultancies have been winning new projects and therefore had to adopt an all hands on deck approach, which explains the current demand for contract candidates at the moment.

It’s interesting to read that the amount of Microsoft CRM 2011 work has increased to such an extent that they are taking on people without CRM experience.

I also found this point interesting

Salaries have maintained a constant level over the past year, in particular within consultancies. However if you have the right level of experience and you are looking for a permanent opportunity you have a much better opportunity to command a better salary. In short permanent candidates are a very sought after commodity at the moment however there is still very much a strong market for contractors.

It’s interesting that wages have basically stayed around the same level, unless you have a lot of experience.  I get the feeling there are a lot of people with less than a year’s experience working on CRM projects to basically fill the sudden increase in CRM 2011 work.

I was also wondering how the increase in certifications needed for gold partner has changed the CRM 2011 workplace.  Most job adverts indicate they would like people who are certified in CRM.

Interesting, I think experience over a number of CRM projects is important because CRM is an unusual beast.  It uses common tools like .NET, ASP.NET and Javascript to extend CRM 2011 but you really need some experience because there are certain things you have to do a certain way.

In my experience people seem to be too focused on getting people with .NET experience but I would CRM experience is more useful because the level of .NET code for most CRM extensions is quite simple and straight forward but it is different from most .NET projects and takes a bit of time to learn.