CRM 2011 – Build numbers and upgrading from RC to RTM

We were trying to work out what release number are CRM 2011 dev server was using and after typing CRM 2011 release, build numbers and all sorts of other variations on those words I finally found somewhere which listed all of them

So well done to Bite my Bytes for having the information, I assume it’s up to date, you can read them from the site here.  If anyone knows where this information is listed officially by Microsoft I would be interested to know because I couldn’t find it.

When managing Dynamics CRM 2011 deployments it usefull to know which rollup version is installed. Following table lists build numbers by version.
Version Build Number Release Date Windows Update Date
RC 5.0.9688.53
RTM 5.0.9688.583 February 16, 2011 Download
Update Rollup 1 5.0.9688.1045 April 7, 2011 April 26, 2011 Download
The problem I have now is I’m not sure if I can apply a patch or if you have to do a complete reinstall like we did when we went from the beta to the RC.
I found this upgrade article from Microsoft
It seems to suggest you can patch your way up but it’s recommended upgrade method is listed below
The recommended upgrade path from Microsoft Dynamics CRM RC to RTM is:

  1. Uninstall the RC.
  2. Install to existing databases using the RTM bits.
  3. Apply the RTM Patch (KB 2461082) against the RTM server. This will enable you to import RC organizations if needed. See KB 2511317. If you do not need to import RC organizations, then you will not need the patch in this scenario.
  4. After you upgrade your deployment to run with an RTM server, you may need to log into Deployment Manager and upgrade your RC organizations from 5.0.9688.xx to 5.0.9688.583. You can do this by selecting your RC organization, and then click Upgradein the Actions pane.
  5. Run the SQL Script from KB 2461082 against any Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 organizations that were upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 while the server was using RC bits.

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