CRM 4 – showing inactive items in a lookup

The default settings for CRM 4 is to not show inactive orders.  This in most cases seems like a good idea because you don’t want fulfilled, cancelled etc orders cluttering the list of potential orders.

The example I have recently worked on is we created a credit note entity and wanted to select an order to credit.

I will add before we go on these changes are unsupported by microsoft but are in my opinion very low risk.

There are two options you have, the first option involves you changing either all the quick find look ups or lookup options for one entity everywhere in the CRM system.

The first solution involves you exporting the custom entity and changing the xml for the quick find or lookup view.  You basically remove the filter arguements from view.  This works because the quick find and the lookup view are basically saved views, the same kind  you can create if you made a view using the advanced find.  For step by step instructions read the links below.

There is also another way which involves only changing the lookup values for the form you specify it on.  It uses JavaScript and is surprisingly easy.

You basically add this Javascript to the onload event for the form in question

crmForm.all.bao_orderid.lookupclass = “alllookups”;

on the example above the Javascript is referring to the lookup field on the form and this then shows the active and inactive orders.  For step by step instructions please click on the link below

I hope that helps


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