CRM 2011 – CRM Online is financially backed to be up 99.9% of the time per month

I read this fact before and then lost where I had seen it.  I find this such an amazing fact/boast/offering that I had to write a blog post about it.

Microsoft gaurantee CRM 2011 Online to be up 99.9% of the time or they give you credit!!  AWESOME

Now for those of you doubting Thomases you can go to the SLA by clicking the link below

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Level Agreement (“SLA”)

here are the juicy bits from that document

A.                  Monthly Service Level

1.       The Service Level is 99.9%.

2.       The Monthly Uptime Percentage is calculated for a given calendar month using the following formula:

Monthly Uptime Percentage =

Total number of minutes

in a given calendar month


Total number of minutes of Downtime in a given calendar month

Total number of minutes

in a given calendar month

B.                  Service Credits

1.       Should the Service Level fall below 99.9% for a given month, Microsoft will provide a Service Credit as noted in the chart below:

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Service Credit*

                                  < 99.9%                                    25%
                                  < 99%                                    50%
                                  < 95%                                    100%

*Service Credit will be issued against the applicable month’s Subscription Fee paid by Customer for the Service.

I was also slightly amused to read what I call the act of god get out clauses at the bottom.  I am referring them to act of god clauses because on various insurances companies put in act of god clauses to get out of paying anything if a flood happens or your car gets struck by lightening.  The irony being if you believed in god then surely everything is an act of god and the insurance company would have never half to pay, which in itself would show you there is no god meaning the insurance company would have to pay.  Anyway in the Exclusions sections I saw a couple of corkers

D.                  Exclusions

.       Downtime does not include:

a.       The period of time when the Service is not available as a result of Scheduled Downtime; or

b.      The following performance or availability issues that may affect the Service:

i.         Due to factors outside Microsoft’s reasonable control;

iv.         That resulted from actions or inactions of Customer or third parties;

v.         That resulted from actions or inactions by Customer or Customer’s employees, agents, contractors, or vendors, or anyone gaining access to Microsoft’s network by means of Customer’s passwords or equipment.

vii.         Intermittent periods of Downtime that are ten minutes or less in duration

I like the due to factors outside of Microsoft’s control!!!  They surely aren’t admitting they don’t control the whole world, I don’t believe them.  I’m sure this is going to cost Microsoft a load of cash one day but until then it’s quite some boast/level of service and for a lot of companies guaranteeing CRM will always be available (well 99.9% of the time) it’s an important consideration because who can afford to have their CRM system go offline for a few hours.

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