CRM Statement of Direction – CRM 6 Release date Q2 – 2012 – Multi Browser support in 2012

Ahh I’m kidding a bit because I don’t know when it will actually be released by I was reading the excellent blog Microsoft CRM “du jour”, he had a blog entry called CRM 6!!  Well I thought I will have to check this out.  I would also like to put my vote behind the futuristic name CRM 3000, now that sounds pretty good.

What the blog was actually talking about was the recently released Statement of Direction document, which you can read here (LiveId Login required)

Stephane Dorrekens (blog author) highlighted these dates/facts

  • A cross browser HTML5 based MS Dynamics CRM is confirmed. (not a real surprise, but still)
  • Next Update (let’s call it CRM 5.1 for the time being, as CRM2011 is technically CRM 5.0) is foreseen for Q4 2011; both for Online and On Premise
  • Next Upgrade (let’s call it CRM 6.0) is foreseen for Q2 2012; both for Online and On Premise.
What I found interested is the short amount of time before they have another big release.  I think Microsoft really want to push on and become the leading CRM supplier.
Here are some of points I found interesting in the statement of direction document
Shorter development cycles.
 Before Microsoft use to have a major release every 3 years but now Microsoft are going to plan to have 2 releases each year.  It sounds like they are talking about slightly different things but the shorter development cycles mean we get to see the improvements quicker.
MULTI -BROWSER capability
yes I put that in capitals because it’s a biggy.  Microsoft are hoping by utilizing HTML 5, CRM will be able to use different browsers and not just IE.
Social Media/collaboration
They want to bring in Micro Blogging, business activity feeds and more social intelligence.  This sounds promising as the world does seem to be moving towards a twitter/blogging paradigm

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