CRM 2011 – Getting users to use CRM is vital to successful CRM adoption

I have spoken to Mike Ames who writes an excellent blog on business developer which you can read here about why CRM systems fail.  He was of the opinion most of the CRM systems fail because the users don’t use them and maybe don’t understand why CRM is useful.

I have also blogged before about why CRM training is vital to a successful deployment, which you can read about here

today I read an article with the title – 4 ways to get employees to use a crm system

The article makes some good points, it’s with some juicy stats

For instance, a survey done in 2011 revealed that:

* 80.1% of Senior Executives cannot get their employees to use the system
* 43.2% of the respondents uses less than half of the system’s functionality
* 72.7% of the respondents would trade functionality for ease-of-use
* 50.4% of the respondents cited synchronization as a major issue
* 67.5% of the respondents said they need to find time to evaluate the system

These stats, along with the previous blog posts highlight the common problems why CRM systems are not successfully used by companies.  The new users are not trained on the CRM systems and in particular how the CRM system can help them with their daily jobs by automating tasks or giving the users information to help them with their jobs.

I think CRM systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in particualr can give these advantages over the current system

  1. Data quality – all departments are using the same data
  2. Data capture – more data/information is being captured which can be used to assess current procedures.
  3. automation – Microsoft CRM 2011 can automate a lot the current procedures with workflows or custom code
  4. One System does all – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can replace the many other systems and spreadsheets used by companies
  5. Reporting – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easy to generate reports on the data captured in the CRM system
  6. Dynamic – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes adding in new forms/entity easy, enabling the users to quickly capture their own information and extend the base platform of CRM 2011, utilising the XRM capacity of CRM 2011.
The above are my thoughts on the subject but what are the four ways described in the article, well here there

1. Find a system that best suits your company’s needs
>There are hundreds of CRM Systems but they are not the same. It does not always follow with CRM System that more features mean better system. Choose a system with functionalities that works for you, is easy to use or simple and user-friendly.

2. Assess employee capabilities individually
>Every employee is a unique individual – each has his or her own share of strengths and weaknesses. Some employees may find using a totally new system exciting and may look forward to it but for some it could be intimidating. This may elicit some resistance initially. Make them realise that the time they dedicate on learning the CRM System will bring forth rewards and personal advancement. Motivate your employees that constant use of the application will hone their skills and make them experts in no time.

3. Set aside time for training
>A help desk or an in-house mentor would lessen their apprehension knowing they have the support they need. Allow employees to gradually get accustomed to the system. Allocating separate time for training will help them learn faster,knowing that they’re not being rushed.

4. Be a role model
>Top management must use the new application themselves to show employees that they fully support the application, and can successfully handle it. This is a great way to motivate employees that they too possess the capability to use the system without difficulty.

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