1000 page views on Wednesday

I have finally passed the 1000 page views in a day mark on Wednesday.  I had been in the 900 mark quite a few times but couldn’t quite get passed the 1000 mark.  I would have probably passed this landmark a few weeks ago because WordPress don’t count syndicated page views, so anyone reading the blog through an RSS reader (like Netvibes) doesn’t appear on the stats, although if you click on page in the stats window you can see how many syndicated views you have.  I generally get about 40ish syndicated views so I a guess I have 40 subscribers.

It feels quite rewarding to see my blog is being used and hopefully helping lots of people in the CRM community to find the information they need, solutions to problems and useful bits of code.

I should really thank the rest of the CRM community and bloggers because at least half of my content is pushing people towards excellent articles and blog posts I have read.

I think the CRM community is in healthy shape because there are lots of great blogs and CRM projects and tools being added to codeplex all the time.

it’s interesting to see my blog is sometimes linked from the Microsoft Forums helping people resolve their issues.

On a personal note it has been an excellent learning tool for myself writing this blog, I have learnt about a lot of aspects about CRM 2011, which I wouldn’t have done if I solely wrote about CRM 2011 experience I have gained from work.

The blog overall has 33000 page views which is pretty good going and will hopefully one day help me become a CRM MVP.  Which you have to be nominated for but which you can nominate yourself but I have a way to go before I worry about that.

Thanks for everyone who has read the blog over the last 6 months or so.