Free Audit Plugin for CRM 4

Auditing was always a bit of a problem in CRM 4, thankfully Microsoft have done a great job of auditing in CRM 2011 and built it in.

Although this offer a juicy carrot to offer customers in trying to persuade them to upgrade to CRM 2011 it doesn’t help the companies who aren’t going to upgrade to CRM 2011 and want some auditing now.

Well this week I was told to investigate a project on codeplex

Microsoft CRM 4 – audit Plugin

This is a brief description of the plugin by the author

Project Description
Microsoft CRM 4.0 Audit Plugin is a simple-to-use plugin enabling basic data auditing capabilities. Configured via Plugin Manager, it is very simple to manage. Developed in C# and my spare time!

The Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 Audit Plug-in was created to address the package’s minimal auditing capability. The audit plug-in can be used by the Microsoft CRM partners and customers to quickly increase the package’s auditing capability to track field level changes.

I have to say the documentation with the plugin is fantastic, it’s simple to follow and walks you through the process step by step.  I have installed this plugin twice now and I have done it both time easily and quickly and without any problems.

The most impressive feature about the plugin is it is so easy and quick to install and get going, the second time I did it, it took me about 30 minutes to setup and start auditing.

This is a quick easy win for anyone who wants to add auditing to CRM 4.

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