CRM 2011 – free Javascript Mapping Add-on

A great tool added to codeplex this week, CRM 2011 Javascript mapping

It provides free and basic mapping using Microsoft Bing (of course).  What I really like about this project is it also has instructions on how to add this to the Ribbon and uses only javascript.

The person we all have to thank is Hadley Pettigrew and he has an excellent blog posts about this which you can read here

here is the screen shot from codeplex so you can get an idea what it looks like

Project Description
This project provides an easy to install mapping component for CRM 2011, it is made to be easily configured for any customisations and may be used for a good starting point for other projects.

It provides a basic bing maps integration with a configuration resource to help configure which fields reference the address or Latitude and Longitude. The configuration has a default setup that can be changed to suit your deployment.

Example Screenshots
Advanced Find Window



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