How many CRM installations fail – Google gives some answers

I found this interesting article, I like the way the writer is using Google to get some information (un scientifically of course) by seeing how many results came back when searching values using google.

I did a couple of searches myself

crm installation failure


crm 2011 installation failure


crm 4 installation failure


This was the original article

7.5 Million CRM Failures on Google Search

Here is an interesting set of numbers. Totally unscientific, but interesting. I searched for “Microsoft” in Google and got 1.05 billion results. Then I repeated the search and entered “Microsoft failure” and got 36.3 million results. Sounds high? Not as high as some of their competitors. The biggest surprise: is the clear winner of this (unscientific) comparison. See for yourself and check your company’s failure percentage.

CRM 86.3 million results
CRM Failure 7.5 million
Failure percentage: 8.7% 36 million results failure 701,000 results
Failure percentage: 1.9%

Microsoft 1.05 billion results
Microsoft failure: 36.3 million results
Failure percentage: 3.46%

SAP 155 million results
SAP failure 18.6 million results
Failure percentage: 12%

Oracle 162 million results
Oracle failure: 24 million results
Failure percentage: 14.8%


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