CRM 2011 – How to do Like statement in QueryExpression

I was trying to do a like statement in a query expression and it took me a while to work out how to do it.
the first thing you do is use the Like condidationOperator and then you add the value.  Like an SQL query you need to use
the % wildcard and add this to the text string
            condition1.Operator = ConditionOperator.Like;
            condition1.Values.Add(id.ToLower() + "%");

the other interesting aspect of the sample code below is I cast the results

 IEnumerable<hosk_candidate> newCandidates = result1.Entities.Cast<hosk_candidate>();

The reason I had to do this was because I was changing how I selected the data from CRM from LINQ queries to
QueryExpressions because LINQ statements cannot be used in CRM Online.

 private IEnumerable<hosk_candidate> selectCandidates(hosk_candidate candidate, string id)

            ConditionExpression condition1 = new ConditionExpression();
            condition1.AttributeName = "hosk_candidatehoskid";
            condition1.Operator = ConditionOperator.Like;
            condition1.Values.Add(id.ToLower() + "%");

            FilterExpression filter1 = new FilterExpression();

            QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression("hosk_candidate");

            EntityCollection result1 = service.RetrieveMultiple(query);
            IEnumerable<hosk_candidate> newCandidates = result1.Entities.Cast<hosk_candidate>();

            return newCandidates;

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