CRM 2011 – Try the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011before you buy

I have written my second article for the Crimson Company blog, you can go to the blog and read it here

It’s basically an article about CRM 2011 and why I think it’s a great idea Microsoft are offering a free 30 day trial.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Try before you buy

The release of CRM 2011 has seen Microsoft’s cloud strategy starting to take shape and become a viable alternative to on premise hosting or hosting your CRM installation with a third party. The release of CRM 2011 has been seen by some people as a Renaissance for Microsoft and some of the figures would certainly suggest it:

•             Over 24.000 customer across 80 countries
•             Over 1.4 million users
•             Available in over 40 languages

The release of CRM 2011 has seen Microsoft add in some great enhancements such as dashboards, improved reporting, dialogs, a market place to purchase certified accelerators, better office experience, SharePoint 2010 integration, auditing and lots more new functionality.

To promote CRM 2011 online, Microsoft has come up with an interesting promotion – A free 30 day trial. Yes, you can try CRM 2011 Online version free for 30 days.  This is a great way for prospective users to see the functionality offered by CRM 2011 and a chance to see some of their own data in the system. It also allows users of CRM 4 to see if the new functionality is worth upgrading to.

This offer has also been useful to Crimson because it has allowed us to demo CRM solutions to potential clients, which is easily accessible to the potential clients (all you need is Internet Explorer and an internet connection) and without having to open our CRM servers to the outside world. In one instance we were able to make some customisations to the CRM solutions to match the company’s current work processes; it changed the next meeting from a sales pitch that relied on the customer imagining how it would work, to showing them a quick ‘mock up’ of the solution and allowing them to investigate the other features of CRM 2011.

The other bonus of CRM 2011 online is that Microsoft are currently offering a discounted rate, so if potential customers were interested in using CRM 2011 they would get a very competitive rate in comparison to other CRM vendors.

During your trial experience, you can:

· Access your trial directory through a web browser with internet explorer
· Individual logins for 20 users
· View introductory videos, diagrams and access tutorials/articles
· Access Outlook CRM client
· Activate your subscription at any time during the 30 days
· Visit CustomerSource — a powerful knowledge base for online training, fresh updates, information and resources 24 hours a day

Currently Microsoft is offering CRM 2011 Online for an introductory price of £22.75 per user per month or £14.50 per user per month for charity and educational groups up until 31st June  2011.  There are also some circumstances where Microsoft will pay the customer to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, at a rate of £134 per user.

It is possible for users and companies to try the CRM cloud solution themselves by using a CRM Gold Partner to help customise CRM and show the company features that would benefit them in a way to ensure they get the most out of the trial. Crimson has already done this for a number of customers and if you are interested in this please contact us on             01675 466 477       or email


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