CRM 2011 – Excellent Microsoft CRM resources

The mighty Jim Glass today blogged the Top Ten Microsoft Dynamic CRM resources.

I recommend you read the blog entry here

The list does show the comprehensive list of resources created by microsoft for CRM and I think I have mentioned all these resources in my blog over the last few months

After looking at some of the resources of information I would try these resources these four first

Team Blog  ~ This is a great source of information, its the best CRM blog on the internet and has contributions from MVC’s and members who work on the CRM product, if you are going to follow one CRM blog, makes sure it’s my blog but if you are going to follow two blogs then choose mine and the CRM team blog.

Developer Center  ~ This has lots of great information the best source of information is the CRM SDK, basically if you are going to do any coding/developing in CRM then you start with the SDK and follow the basic examples and look at the sample code

Forums  ~ If you need to raise any questions or need some advise from senior or experience CRM developers then this is the place to go, often an MVP will ask respond to your question.  LinkedInin Groups can also be useful to asking less development related questions

Twitter ~ Add MSdynamicsCRM and JaAG to your follow list.  You might not think twitter would be such a good source of information but there are lots of good CRM twitter feeds which link to good information with out a whole blog post about it.


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