CRM 2011 – CRM Wiki Recommended Articles

I was having a peak at the CRM wiki today and have to admit I found it rather confusing and difficult to find relevant information.

I think it was because the way the front page was set out, they split the wiki into these sections and from here I wasn’t really sure which option I needed to choose.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM wiki

The Microsoft CRM wiki is organized into the following high-level chapters:

  1. Learn – articles and resources to help you get started with Microsoft CRM if you are a employee with a Microsoft customer or partner
  2. Implement – technical content about installing Microsoft CRM
  3. Configure and customize – articles and resources to help you with CRM configuration and customization
  4. Extend with .NET – learn how to extend Microsoft CRM
  5. Deploy – plan your CRM project, train users, maximize user adoption
  6. System integration and data migration – learn how to import/migrate data into Microsoft CRM and perform common integrations with other systems
  7. Support – find out how to maintain Microsoft CRM and troubleshoot common issues
  8. Upgrade – overview on upgrading to the current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from earlier versions
  9. <a title="Click to create new page titled: Enterprise Resources for Microsoft Dynamics CRM” href=””>Enterprise Resources – overview of a series of whitepapers include Nuts and Bolts and Optimization tips and tricks.

but whilst looking around the wiki I found this interesting page with the title CRM recommended articles

and the list of articles is intriguing and made me want to click on them. This to me shows me useful information is in the wiki but it’s difficult to navigate at the moment.

Article Recommendations

 Article Title/Stub

 Article Summary

 Understanding Cascading Events in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should discuss the types of events that can cascade, the various cascading options, and cascading pitfalls to avoid.
 How To:  Use Searching with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lookups  Should present a graphical guide to populating Lookup field values using in-field and dialog-based searching; perhaps also touch on customizations for altering attributes being searched.
 Understanding Entity Relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should dissect the 3 provided relationship types (1:N, N:1, N:N), and explain how to utilize them in reporting and customization.
 How To:  Use Record Status in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should examine various approaches and methodologies for using the status of records within CRM to indicate progress, process, or state.  Should also explain how to customize, and where custom entities and system entities differ.
 Improve Your Data Analysis With Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should examine the value of capturing data outside of “required” fields, and how cross-pollination of records by users in disparate roles can improve collaborative analysis.  Perhaps also worth touching on the merits of finer data constructs, like replacing Picklists with Lookups for non-static value sets.
 How To:  Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Offline  Should cover the use of the CRM for Outlook client for offline purposes, how to secure data, synchronize it, and optimize the local data-set for size.
 How To:  Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Task Management  Should cover the basic use of various types of activities within CRM, how to tie them with Outlook, and perhaps a thorough explanation of Services, Employee Schedules, and the Service Calendar.
 How To:  Locate Inactive Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should cover the deficiencies of the Quick Find to locate specific inactive records (via search), and what alternate approaches can be taken to discover them.
 How To:  Accelerate Data Entry with Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should cover various methods of inputting data to CRM with speed, from “Save and New” to data imports.
 Customizable Limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Should cover supported methods of updating limitations, such as AggregateQueryRecord or Uploading Attachment size.
 Marketing Campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  A quick, newcomer-based explanation and tutorial for using Campaigns.
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Calendar  A quick, newcomer-based explanation and tutorial of the Service Calendar.
 Release Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Recommendations on how to organise development and testing in Microsoft CRM 2011 using managed and unmanaged solutions, multiple databases, automatic builds, etc. Team development, source control, ISV development vs. customers projects, horizontal vs. vertical.

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