CRM 2011 – UI Tips & Tricks

I was reading Richard Knudson’s blog and he had a blog post about Dynamic CRM UI tips and tricks

 As usual it was a fantastic and detailed post, as most of Richard’s posts are and I think he highlighted the best new UI features of CRM 2011.  I recommend you visit the full blog post to see the detailed description of all the features but I have copied some of the more interesting bits but it is really a summary/highlight of Richard’s page because his page has all the images/links and detailed explanation of the features.  I found it a useful list of features to explain some of the reasons why they should upgrade from CRM 4 to CRM 2011

Navigate directly to a page

This is a good place to start, and the ability to navigate directly to most pages and forms in Dynamics CRM – without “drilling through” the overall CRM UI – works similarly in CRM 2011 as it does in CRM 4.0.

For example, you can navigate directly to the service calendar: add “sm/home_apptbook.aspx” to the end of your organization URL. So if you navigate to, go to

The service calendar is a good example of a page that’s a lot more useful the more room you have on the screen. An even better example is with dashboards, which I’ll illustrate below.

Navigate to a View


I really like the implementation of dashboards in Dynamics CRM 2011. In other articles (like this one, for example) I’ve provided a more systematic explanation of how to work with them, but here I want to focus on a few little UI tricks I’ve found helpful whenworking with them.

Hide the Ribbon for even more dashboard real estate

I like the new Ribbon UI, but sometimes you need all the screen you can get. When viewing a dashboard, try using the Ctrl-Shift-5 keyboard combination. Pretty cool, right? That’s a toggle switch, and if you prefer clicking, you can click the well-hidden “Show the ribbon” button (down-pointing arrow) at the upper right of the UI

Navigate Directly to the Dashboard Page, or to a Specific Dashboard

Navigate directly to the dashboards page by adding “/workplace/home_dashboards.aspx” to the end of the URL for your CRM:

You can also navigate to a specific dashboard, but you have to work a little harder to get its URL, since there’s no “Copy a Link” command on the dashboard ribbon.

Take Advantage of Recently Visited Pages and Views

Wherever you happen to be in CRM 2011 (assuming a form doesn’t have the current focus), use the Ctrl-Shift-7 keyboard combo to display the “Recently Visited Pages and Views”:

Use the Shortcut Menu for Views and Records

Drag and Drop Links to Create a “Links Dashboard” in a Folder

The trick here is to expose the address box in Internet Explorer. As long as you can do that, you can drag the icon to the left of the URL and drop it onto your desktop, or into a folder with other frequently used links. This is an “IE thing” rather than a “CRM thing”, but I find it particularly useful for Dynamics CRM…and especially so with CRM 2011 dashboards now in the mix. You can use the techniques I described in this article to create a simple “links dashboard”, containing links to CRM records, pages, views, dashboards, and so forth

se Links List in SharePoint to Provide Easy Access to CRM 2011 Pages, Views, and Dashboards

Organizations with widespread use of SharePoint might want to consider exposing Dynamics CRM from within SharePoint. If people are used to going into SharePoint it can be a way of promoting CRM and giving it greater visibility. There are complicated ways of doing it, and easy ones…here’s I’ll suggest an easy one: create a “links list” consisting of links to pages, views and dashboards in Dynamics CRM 2011.

2 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – UI Tips & Tricks

  1. Mike Armstrong June 7, 2013 / 4:39 pm

    how about an article on how to display personal dashboards in SharePoint or simply getting the direct URL to a personal dashboard.


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