CRM 2011 – Records are deleted straight away

I read an interesting blog post on Mitch Milam’s blog about records being deleted in CRM 2011, I also liked the blog post because it used the word factoid which is always good.

It’s an interesting change in CRM 2011 that the deleted records are no longer deleted by an asynchronous deletion process.  I can’t quite see the reason for this but then I’m not sure why it was done in the once a day system anyway.

CRM 2011 Factoid Deleting Records

When you deleted a record in CRM 4.0, it didn’t physically delete the record at that point in time, it merely marked it for deletion.  Once per day, an automated background process would run to delete any such records.

With CRM 2011, Microsoft changed the architecture so that a delete operation is physically performed when the user clicks Delete.

So, if you are in the practice of searching the database for records whose DeletionStateCode = 2, you may stop that process because that column no longer exists.

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