CRM 2011 – JScript IntelliSense for Form Script Libraries in version 5.0.3

A fantastic blog entry from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog today about Jscript Intellisense for Form Script Libraries, click here to read it.  Sometimes I wonder why you need to keep updating your version of CRM 2011 but then when I read the goodies they have added into the latest version, I then want to upgrade.

The blog post also led me to a page I hadn’t seen JScript Intellisense Overview and it also has an interesting page Walkthrough:Jscript Intellisense

it is a really in depth blog entry about how they added in JScript Intellisense with the new release of SDK 5.03, here is a brief quote from the blog post

In the latest release of the Microsoft Dynamics SDK (Version 5.0.3) you will find a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution and Visual Studio extension that together will provide IntelliSense support for the Xrm.Page object in form scripts. I hope that this solution will help make your process of creating form scripts using the Xrm.Page object more productive. The result is that you can have IntelliSense that provides auto completion and documentation about the methods as shown below:


The SDK\Templates\Xrm.PageScriptProjectTemplate\Readme.docx file in the download package provides details about installing and using the solution. Rather than repeat what you can find there, in this post I will describe the process of creating this solution and I hope to set your expectations for what the solution offers.




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