What makes a good CRM blog

one of the things you do when you have a blog is look at your blog stats, every day you click on the stats page to see what the numbers are today/this week/this month.

I am constantly surprised by the amount of page views this CRM blog gets but the last view days it has blown my mind.   My previous highest page views in one day was 425 set on the 24th March and then suddenly yesterday I pass through the 500 page views in one day and then today I got 778 page views in one day.  It wasn’t until 3rd week in Feb that I was getting that many page views in a week.

The total page views for the blog also hit 16000 this week.

I was wondering if the sudden increase was maybe something to do with Convergence 2011 coming up soon but then looking at the articles it still seems to be Javascript, sharepoint, plugins that are popular

I was wondering why I have been getting so many page view and these are the reason

  • regularly blog posts – people like to regularly content and get in the habit of reading your blog
  • over blogging – to get this blog up and running I have been putting a lot of effort blogging
  • popular topics – Javascript, plugins, CRM 2011, sharepoint these topics are of great interest to people
  • breaking news – I kept up to date with CRM new releases and blogged about the latest topics
  • make it interesting – I tried to write about interesting topics
  • link to good articles – there are some fantastic blogs out there with excellent information
  • examples from my work – I try to blog about real examples I come across when programming in CRM
  • gotchas – blog how you overcome common problems to help other people experiencing the same problem.
  • reply to comments
  • put trackbacks to other articles – give other blogs the credit they deserve.

Thanks to all the people who have been reading my blog and commenting.  Also a big thanks to all the other CRM bloggers out there who have been writing excellent blog posts.


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