Convergence 2011 – Guide to convergence Articles

I have been getting quite envious of all the convergence 2011 talk recently, unfortunatly the company I work for aren’t sending me but we do have a couple of managers going over (hmmm I wonder who decided on who was going).

I have been impressed with presentation topics and I think it is worth the investment for companies to send some staff who work with CRM because you are going to learn loads of great stuff about CRM 2011 and get the chance to do some quality networking.  I don’t mean networking in the view people as targets and try pass out your business card to as many people as possible but in the CRM community the MVP’s are very helpful and contribute a lot of the CRM community, they are also independent from Microsoft (I think) so you can get some honest advice from them.

so it was with interest that over the last few weeks there have been lots of blog entries advising people how to get the most out of Convergence 2011.  Today I saw the first summary of convergence 2011 guides, this if nothing else shows how serious people are taking it.  You can read the blog entry here, I’m sure if I was going I would also be drawing up detailed plans.

If you want just the links to convergence 2011 tactics then they are here


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