Crimson Company blog is up and running

The company I work for Crimson Ltd have obviously always had a website which no one from the company ever looked at (why would you) but have recently created a company blog as well.

I looked at the CRM part of the company website this week to see what was actually on it –, I actually thought this looked quite good, professional, to the point but I wondered when would people look at the site, probably after a introduction had already been done and they were doing some home work on the company.

I have talked about the benefits of blogs before and you can read that here, the power of blogging.  I think having a company blog is a good idea, it’s an opportunity for the company (Crimson Ltd) to mention their successes, innovative solutions.  It also has the benefit of raising their profile and the opportunity to help the CRM community by blogging the solution to a problem and people finding that solution on the blog.

The other interesting feature of a company blog is it will contain blog posts from a collection of people skilled in different areas.  Crimson has a lot of talented people in various areas so they should have a lots of material for the blog, although persuading the people to contribute might be a bit tricky to start with but people will soon get into the flow of things.

A side bonus to the blog is it’s an area to show employees and current customers what services we offer and what we have been doing.

There isn’t much on the blog at the moment but in the future it will be filled with interesting posts and I’m not just talking about my posts either :-).

Click here to look at the blog but I think you might want to check it later when we have put some interesting posts in it.


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