Will we see Google Enter the CRM Market

I have read a few articles recently wondering if Google will enter the CRM market.  In fact I expect to see more articles on the subject, mainly because some people would like to see it happen and others are concerned about it.

If you want to read a couple of good articles on the subject click on the links below



Personally I don’t think Google are heading in this direction but people think because they have created email, calendars and office applications (word, excel etc) the next logical step is to move towards CRM.

I don’t really see this is of interest for google.  The reason Google made the office applications is because all users would use this and calendars etc.  I think the everyday home user is Google’s target market.

To create a CRM product you need a piece of software to link everything together like sales, marketing, orders, invoices.   This takes a lot of time and development, even Microsoft who entered the CRM market quite late had to spend a lot of years of developing CRM to get it to the standard it is today.

I could be proved wrong of course but I don’t think Google will enter the CRM market, instead they will aim towards creating an operating system and concentrate on cloud storage and maybe a cloud pc, allowing people to have a simple computer to access it.

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