CRM 4 – Ultimate Dynamics CRM Tools List

Although I have been working with CRM 2011, I  still have to work with CRM 4 projects.  It’s quite unusual now because a lot of the tools that worked in CRM 4 don’t work in CRM 2011 so you need to keep two sets of CRM tools

So today I was using the Javascript manager tool to extract the Javascript from an organisation and see what entities had Javascript.

So today I found the ultimate list of Dynamic tools for CRM 4, which you can find here

It is a fantastic list of tools for CRM 4, one or two even work with CRM 2011

Here are my are my top five from the list.  I would also recommend looking at the blog because there are some interesting comments as well.

CrmDiagTool4 for Microsoft CRM 4.0

This tool makes starting tracing and turning on DevError for CRM really easy. You don’t need to manually edit web.config files, do it by clicking a button.

Customization Comparison Utility

This utility will do side-by-side comparison between two cusomization.xml files. Useful for documenting changes, spotting bugs and much more

CRM Trace Log Viewer

Simple but very useful tool that lets you filter and resolve users in Dynamics CRM trace files.

Form JavaScript Manager

If you do lots of JavaScript customizations, you know the editing of script is not easy within CRM. Form Javascript Manager is one way of solving those issue. It helps you with export/edit/import cycle of editing.

MS CRM Javascript Intellisense Generator

This tool will generate .js files for all entities. If you edit your JavaScript in Visual Studio, the editor can use this file for autocomplete.





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